Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Half Term

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It’s half way through my first PGCE term and we get a week’s holiday, er, I mean, Reading Week. 
To celebrate, I decided to contract a messy cold.  It makes me feel like a real teacher as I understand it’s a bit of a tradition in the profession to stagger up to the holiday in reasonable health, then, just as you relax, so does your immune system. 
I was supposed to be visiting my parents this week, but it turns out they also have a cold so don’t want a visitor.  Although I’m sorry they’re unwell, maybe it was for the best as I was due to set off on my five hour drive first thing on Monday, just when the gale was raging. 
Instead, Monday was like having a snow day but without the inconvenient white stuff.  Nigel couldn’t get to work due lack of trains, so we had a cup of tea in bed, watched the trees thrashing in the wind and played “guess the name of the large object we can hear blowing about on the patio”.
When the storm abated, Nigel went out to check the damage.  He returned saying,
“Clare – it’s utter devastation out there.”
“Two of my kale plants are now leaning at a slight angle.”