Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nice Peas

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Sometimes you hear successful figures of today on Desert Island Discs saying
“Yah, in our house, there was always a debate going on, always lively argument round the dinner table.”
This makes me feel inadequate as the main subject of dinner debate chez nous is whether it’s okay to put extra salt on food or not.  However, we do always switch the radio off, thank God for the food, and then the silence is somehow filled with chat, even though I could rarely recount to you what we’d talked about. 
Probably trivial gossip.
The great thing is that Perran, Carenza and Pascoe lead much more interesting lives than our middle-aged bunch. 
“So he dumped her by text?  That’s horrendous.”
“Yeah, and then she put a picture of him picking his nose on Facebook.”
Does anybody remember the Spitting Image portrayal of John and Norma Major as a dull, grey couple eating a monotonous meal?  I picture Nigel and I like this after Pascoe has left for Edinburgh:
“Nice peas, Clare.”
“Yes, Nigel, they’re very green.”
And across the town, our various empty-nest friends will be the same. 
So I guess we’ll be inviting them round more often.  Only trouble is, unlike the offspring, we won’t be able to lock them in the kitchen and force them to do the washing up afterwards.

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