Tuesday, 5 November 2013


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It’s the time of year when we usually play our annual game of Where’s Wally.  To make it more interesting, we do it in the dark.
On a windy hillside.
Next to a lake.
Surrounded by many thousands of people.
All there to watch the huge municipal firework display.
In spite of the fact that vast crowds of spectators are there, milling about in the pitch dark, we have often been amazed to find ourselves standing next to either Perran or Carenza and their group of friends.
Even when we haven’t, Nigel has still made it his business to text them saying “Hi – we can see you!” just to foster a healthy degree of paranoia in our offspring.
This year, we attended the event with Pascoe and friends Dan, Pippa, Graham and Ollie.  But , however much we played “Where’s Wally”, there were no twins to be seen, of course. 
Nigel asked “Shall I send them the ‘We can see you’ text anyway?”

“Oh, go on then.  At least, if they’ve reached the stage of term where they feel a bit homesick, it’ll remind them how good it is to be at university miles and miles away from their parents.”