Friday, 1 November 2013


2012 Perran carved a potato after I forgot the pumpkin
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Every year, I have bought a large pumpkin and it has magically turned into a lantern.  This year I bought one and left it on the kitchen surface as usual, but nothing happened.  Even a day after Halloween, it still has no grin.
And this year, there was no gaggle of blood-spattered teens congregating at my house to polish up their scars before going on to some zombie social event.  Instead, they will have been plastering white face paint on each other in the comfort of their own student accommodation.
“You look really undead, Perran.”
“Aw, thanks.”
However, as night fell, a new generation of tiny witches did find their way to our door.  Some years we have hardly any visitations and are left sucking the Halloween lollies moodily on our own.  But this year, we had loads.  The sweets were soon used up and we were forced, lamely, to open a pack of biscuits.  Thank goodness they were chocolate and not rich tea – we might have been turned into frogs by our disgusted callers.

Oh well, time to start magically transforming the pumpkin into soup for the weekend.