Thursday, 7 November 2013


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Having visited Perran earlier in half term week, today was Carenza’s turn. 
She is not the only wildlife in her room under the eaves.  As she showed us, there are also spiders and wasps.  But nothing compared to a student we once met as we toured an open day at Hull University.  This girl had been unable to resist the fee offered for opening her room up to visitors, but had failed to take into account the difficulty of keeping secret her pet rabbit, strictly illegal according to Hull rules.
Remembering that it was the wardrobe where that Hull student had stashed her rabbit, I did take a stealthy peek in Carenza’s.
“Why are you looking in my wardrobe, Mum?”
*casually* “Just wanted to see your clothes, dear.”
“They’re the same as before, Mum.”
Note to self: never peek in daughter’s wardrobe while she is actually watching you.

BUT, it was a pleasure to see Carenza snug in a cosy room with a great view across the grounds and to meet some of Carenza’s new friends including Toby, Betsy, Olivia, Taylor and Dave.