Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas is where the Heart is.

One of the largest pieces of evidence that the twins have found new families at university is that Christmas at home is not enough for them.  Last Saturday, when we picked Carenza up from her college, there was a wreath on the college door and a Christmas tree in the foyer.  I had thought only shops and families with small children  got their decorations up this early.  But apparently, the students have been celebrating Oxmas, a sort of ersatz pre-Christmas, because it would just be too painful not to celebrate Christmas with your wonderful new friends. 
When we delivered Carenza to spend the weekend at Perran’s flat, later the same day, the kitchen looked festive – the flatmates had pooled resources to buy a fake tree. I was more impressed with what they had done with the multiplicity of advertising flyers which are constantly dumped in student accommodation – they had folded them, then cut them up to make “snowflakes”. 
After the excitement of Christmas with friends, how can we possibly compete at home? 

Perhaps just by being very quiet and very cosy. Does anybody know whether The Great Escape is on the telly this year?