Saturday, 7 December 2013


I have just finished my first PGCE placement.  It was at Buntingford in the distant north of Hertfordshire.  I had to set off at 7:30 each morning to allow an hour for the commute.  Sometimes that was plenty of time, sometimes, congestion around an accident meant it was a narrow squeak.
Both my favourite and my least favourite section of the journey was the single lane road between Baldock and Buntingford.  It could be magical with dawn’s rosy fingers filtering between autumn gold trees or it could be lethal with clinging fog.  The route felt as if it had been selected by somebody who craved more excitement in their life.  It was a complete switchback of ninety degree bends and blind rises.
I had three driver’s prayers – that I didn’t hit any of the local wildlife; that I didn’t end up with the point where I’d failed to negotiate the corner and slewed off the road marked by a dozen bunches of flowers; that it didn’t snow.
How did I do?

No snow, stayed on the road, even at corners, avoided the deer, avoided the farmer’s dog in the mioddle of the road… hit the pheasant, but it was pretty much a case of kami kazi.  Only regret – the road was too dangerous to stop and pick it up.