Sunday, 15 December 2013

Planning the Holidays

As my PGCE term finishes, I keep thinking about the holiday ahead.  I have three weeks, Nigel and the children at home too for longer or shorter periods, with timings overlapping to a greater or lesser extent.  I keep counting the days ahead like golden coins.  It looks right now as if the stack is tall, but I realise that, in my plans, I have already pre-spent them several times over. 
There are holiday trips to town, country walks, and of course the non-negotiable excursions to see grandparents at the farthest edges of the country.  There are hobbies and reading and watching old films.  There are friends to entertain.  And there’s Christmas cooking and gifts to buy and wrap.
Not to mention reading ahead for our academic courses.

I guess what I need to do most is to scale back my plans and enjoy each day as it comes.