Saturday, 3 May 2014

Home help

When Perran and Carenza were taking their GCSEs, ASs, A2s, I tried to make sure that the food was good and that the house felt comfortable.  After all, for once they weren’t going anywhere.  

At the end of last term, Carenza arrived back when I still had three weeks of my second teaching placement and my dissertation to complete.

True to her upbringing, her first act was to bake a cake and to decorate it with a cheering message.   Accompanied by Nigel, she then went on to hoover and dust the whole place.  When Will came to visit her, he cooked for us too.  It was great to be so taken care of.
Well done, chaps.  Many, many thanks. 

Oh.  I forgot to say – you know I told you I only had one dissertation to do, well I think I might have another one to do over the summer holidays.  Honestly, I do….