Saturday, 19 March 2016

Bike Helmet

Nigel and I have always been sticklers for bike helmets. 
Because how could we insist that our children wear them if we didn’t ourselves.
Sometimes, my helmet has been joggling around on the top of my up-do, but I still wore it so I could be self-righteous with the offspring.
On Thursday, when a nice paramedic delivered Nigel home, we were very glad he had been wearing one.
He has a memory blank for the actual incident, but his last recollection is of a car trying to overtake him on a mini-roundabout.
He came to with a circle of faces above him.  Always a sign that something has gone badly wrong for you.
From the bits of him that hurt, we think he skidded on the corner and hit his head on the curb.
If he hadn’t been wearing the helmet….

So, in this blog, no jokes or special thoughts.  Just one message – wear the helmet.