Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Socially Inappropriate Sign Store

Jackie being importuned by an elf.
Last weekend, we went to a large craft fair with Nick and Jackie.
Support local makers – not the economy of China.
We saw everything from a crocheted toilet roll cover (washable) to exquisite silver jewellery.
But our favourite was the Socially Inappropriate Sign Stall (our choice of name, not theirs).
I’ve mentioned these  homely signs before in my blog – they say things like “Live, laugh, love”, or “My Kitchen, My Rules”, and are charming and humorous the FIRST time you see them.
At the craft show, there was a stall jam-packed with these sweet little sayings.  I was about to pass by, but a large sign caught me eye. 
“I love you even more than CHEESE.”
Who would ever hang that up on their wall?
And there were more. 
Gently I back-pedalled.
The stall was run by a couple. 
                He could cut wood into little rectangles and hearts.
                She could do cutesie handwriting.
Unfortunately, neither of them could produce a bon mot.
No wonder there was so much stock on display – nobody would ever buy these.
After perusal, my favourite was the stalkerish:
“I may not be the most important person in your life, but when you hear my name, I hope you smile and say ‘That’s my friend.’”
But Nick, who had also paid the stall close attention, had spotted an even better one:
“Sometimes I laugh so much that the tears run down my legs.”
Perhaps I should suggest to the stall-holders that they go crochet some toilet roll covers instead.