Sunday, 15 January 2017

Snow Day

Snowy walk with Nigel, Jenny, Terry & Boris
For my first three years as a school-teacher, there have been no snow days round here. 
As a mother of school children I particularly loved snow days – climbing back into a warm bed with a steaming cup of tea, watching the goose feathers drifting down outside the window. The whole world came to a standstill – a blessed break in the daily grind.
But now I’m self-employed.  Any snow days will have to be caught up on later, perhaps when I had planned something more interesting!  So I have purchased snow shoes, ski poles and a board marker which operates at sub-zero temperatures.
Last week, however, snow threatened and it was a day when I had no teaching – the perfect snow day. 
But when I peeped out hopefully at first light, there was no snow, so no lie in.  Later, disappointingly, it rained. Finally as the day closed, the temperature dropped and at last, snow fell.
However, it was a meagre amount – not the bringing-life-to-a-standstill downpour I had hoped for.
BUT according to Govia Thameslink it WAS just that.
Nigel was stranded on his commuter train, WhatsApping me sadder and sadder updates and so was Chip with whom I was supposed to be having a meeting that evening.
Call me callous, but their loss was my gain.  When Chip got to her house, she was too tired to struggle out again for a meeting.  When Nigel came home, he didn’t feel like going out for beer with the guys, decided on a night in and lit the stove. 
So finally, I may not have got my snow day, but I did get a snow evening.