Thursday, 19 January 2017

New Adventures

Adventure at the Tate Modern.
I thought the post-kids era would be all mini-breaks and getaways.  For some of my friends, it appears to be. 
However (and I can’t promise to stick to this) we have cut right down on flying – often the cheapest and quickest way to go anywhere -  as it has disastrous implications for global warming. 
“See the world and destroy it at the same time.”
But I still feel like I’ve got some adventures in me!
So I’ve been thinking what an adventure looks like if I can’t fly to get there.
And I find myself humming a cheesy old song,
“I’ve been to Paradise, but I’ve never been to me…”
So this year I shall be going to me.
Following a dodgy back, I’m going to work hard to get my fitness back to finish walking the Ridgeway with my pals. 
I shall also learn new skills  (maybe Tai Chi?), return to old loves (painting, birdwatching).
And I shall also be going to other people. 
It’s hard to be involved in community if you are away a lot.  Being around more will mean we can see more of our friends and neighbours.  Generally, just making yourself more available to other people tends to involve you in things you never expected

….watch this space.

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