Sunday, 12 March 2017

Still Proud

One of the cool things about being a parent has been attending concerts, shows and presentations.
At primary school, I remember being spellbound by the lisping singing and squeaky violin playing of my own children, then checking my watch while other people’s children performed their party pieces.
Secondary school was a revelation – suddenly the performances were actually entertaining – a good evening out.
I remember attending Perran’s last school dance show and wondering sadly if it was his swan song.
Far from it.  Thanks to Perran’s intense involvement with dance at Bristol, we have continued to attend performances during his degree.   Often they have been spellbinding, especially the Fuze show, and last week’s Bristol University Dance Soc. show. 
Perran has added choreography and direction to his skills (see video below of his and Molly's dance, "Play") and he has been a well-respected Dance President. 
More than that, it often looks as if he is having the time of his life. 

As he moves into working life, it may be trickier to find a group of people to dance with, but we very much hope he continues.