Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Meant to be

On Tuesday morning, I was supposed to be meeting my old friend Angela for a catch-up.  We tend to do this during the course of a country walk rather than over coffee.
Then the guys who were replacing our double-glazing  announced they’d be starting Monday.
But that was alright.
I simply asked Carenza who is living at home at the moment if she’d cover for me.  Of course she said yes.
So I would still get to see Angela on Tuesday morning.
Then Carenza landed a temporary job “Sorry Mum”.
But that was alright.
The guys would surely be trustworthy enough to leave just for a couple of hours.
So I would still get to see Angela on Tuesday morning.
Then I got a horrible cold.
But that was alright.
I was seeing Angela outdoors so I wouldn’t pass it on, and we weren’t going to walk far anyway.
So I would still get to see Angela on Tuesday morning.
Finally Tuesday morning arrived – my cold was at the running-like-a-tap stage and the double glazing about a third done.  But what actually woke me up was Nigel, right in my face, yelling “Our drain is overflowing!”
He then commuted off, leaving me to ring somebody with the word “rod” in their company name.
I gave in.  It was no longer alright.  I did think of inviting Angela round but realised that a runny nose, overflowing drains and set of gusty holes where our windows once were might test even a well-established friendship.
I wasn’t going to meet Angela on Tuesday after all. 
So my question is this:
Angela and I both believe in a loving Deity watching over us.  Were we being protected from some awful fate?  If we had actually managed to go for a walk yesterday, what would really have happened? 
Might we have been run over by an escaped bison?
Might we have sunken in quicksand beside our modest local river?
Might we have stumbled on a gang of ruthless criminals mid-heist?
The answer remains a mystery. 
However, we’re planning to try again tomorrow.
Just saying.

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