Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Perran and Carenza’s nineteenth birthday is approaching fast.  Over Christmas, they thought they might hold a big party to which they could invite loads of friends old and new – AT HOME.
“It’ll be great – everybody can stay over.  What do you think, Mum?”
I can’t think of anything nicer than a party with all Perran and Carenza’s friends and a chance to meet the people who they are spending their time with, but I said no.
They looked puzzled – we’ve always been a bit of a party house, and I’ve never said no before.
Fact is, there are two kinds of party – ones that get bigger than they were meant to be and ones that get smaller.  I really dislike the ones that shrink.
Having cleaned the house upstairs and down and stocked up on crisps and pizzas, the last thing I want is not to be taken up on my hospitality.  In fact, I think that FaceBook ought to have a special sound alert for when guests drop out of a party at the last minute.  Probably a sort of “Wah-wah” noise.
I anticipated that what with assignments, sporting fixtures, university social events and the time and money required to travel to our house, the planned party might have roused initial enthusiasm, then dwindled to nothing.
So I said no. 

And I’m sure that when they are celebrating surrounded by friends at uni, the twins will realise it was a good call.

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