Thursday, 20 March 2014

No Snow

Snow Days - so good they used to go on all night.
I had a date with snow.  My plan was that some time during the spring term there would be a snow day when it was impossible for me to drive to school and I could get on with my PGCE work.  Oh, and take a magical walk in the local wood. 
It never happened.
Floods meant that on several occasions I had to turn back and take a circuitous route to school but things never got so bad in our area that there was a complete shutdown as there is on a snow day.  And for that I should be grateful.  Grateful also that I never had to set off with a shovel and sleeping bag in my car because snow had been forecast for later.
The hedges are white now, but it is what we call in our family “blackthorn winter” – the sloe bushes put out profuse white blossom early in the year, often on the heels of snow.   So the white in the hedgerows is a herald of spring, not a remnant of winter. 
So it looks as if the risk of snow is over.

And I’m a day behind with my PGCE work.

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