Sunday, 20 April 2014

Carnivorous eels?

Dan helps Pascoe and Nigel
Pascoe’s next adventure in helping elderly relations concerned Nigel and I – we needed assistance with our garden pond. 
“Will it involve killer spiders this time?” he asked suspiciously.
“Of course not,” we replied, but we didn’t quite meet his eyes  – who knew what was in there.  One friend whose goldfish were disappearing mysteriously had discovered an angry eel at the bottom of his pond.

The lining had ruptured and floated to the top of our pond.  We now had left only two of the magnificent koi carp we inherited seven years ago, and one of those looked sick.  Maybe this was the time to convert it into the wildlife pond I’d always wanted. 
Dan arrived too and together with Nigel, he and Pascoe moved the carp into a huge paddling pool and drained the pond.
What they found in the gungy bottom of the pond was not, however, a huge carnivorous eel.
“Mum,” called Pascoe, and I came out to the wonderful sight of frogs, tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs, and best of all, newts. 
The pond had already begun to turn itself into a wildlife haven.
Pascoe was my favourite person for a bit until he said,
“I’m putting the newts in this bucket in case you need their eyes for anything, Mum.”
Then I got the Macbeth reference – the witches making their spell. 
Thanks Pascoe. 
My new best friend

Now where did I put that poisonous spider?

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