Monday, 28 July 2014

Student Summer

There’s a clear agenda for student summer holidays. 
The most pressing goal is a holiday job to earn money so that there’ll be enough for the occasional night out next term (wry parental smile).
The next aim is to get work experience, or as it’s poshly known, an internship.  The student can start gaining CV points for their future career.
The third objective is to have an adventure, the kind of adventure that you can only have when you’re young and skint – after all, you don’t end up spending the night on the beach if you can afford a good hotel and you don’t accept a lift from a truck driver if you can afford a train ticket.

I know, as a parent, I should espouse the first two objectives, but there’s a part of me that most of all wants my children to have the third type of experience.  When in their lives will they ever again have such long summers?  And it’s also to do with being that particular age – if you set out one midsummer morning, you will meet other nineteen-year-olds to travel with, and older people will show you kindness.  Make the most of this charmed time.

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  1. Yes, summer is an excellent time. However someone works to have an adventure and someone tries to make at least some money to pay for study.
    Moreover some of the students have also to write some papers (fortunately I found help to write essay about law ) or to learn missed pieces of knowledge. However I hope all of us will find several weeks just to relax and enjoy this awesome season as we are going to miss it. Anyway it is the time for new opportunities and we should use them.