Saturday, 2 August 2014

Student Food Instagram

Typical Foodie Instagram
Just now, a meal in a smart restaurant begins not with tucking in your napkin or pouring a glass of water.  Instead, when your food arrives, beautifully presented, you are supposed to take a photo of it and upload it to Instagram. 
Some people are very scathing about this, others see it as a chance to celebrate some food art whose existence is fleeting.
I recently found a picture Pascoe took of some proper student food.  It is clearly a superior meal – exactly what the metabolism of the growing young male requires – a large heap of filling, brown-coloured food.    And as to presentation, I think the whole roast pigeon perched on top makes it look rather special – don’t you?

Student Food Photo


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  2. To tell the truth I don't like when people post too many pictures to Instagram.It might become a new desease! Yeah, there are some really worthy pictures and they look genious, but in most cases it's another one jpeg image. Why there is no network where easy essay writers can share their clever ideas and some helpful pieces of texts? I think it would bring more effect and benefits than numerous pictures of food, clothes, food again, nails, etc.

  3. I hope to eat it now. Your dishes are very special and interesting.