Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Stockings

For years I gave the kids little novelties and scraps of this and that in their Christmas  stockings only to see them go straight out when we did the post Christmas charity shop trip. It has taken me time to learn that the enjoyment  we share over a wind-up hedgehog or (this year) a yodelling flamingo will already have peaked in the shop and will not be increased by our bringing the item home.

However, this year our Christmas stockings are showing TWO signs of my increasing maturity.

Firstly, this Santa has been planning to fill those stockings with truly useful items like socks and toothbrushes.  Hopefully nobody will be yearning after the yodelling flamingo or the windscreen wiper specs.
But the second sign of my growing “maturity” is not so good.  
Where is the bag full of everybody’s favourite toiletries?  Where have I hidden it? 
It was quite large.  It can’t just have disappeared. 
  Maybe I left it in the shop and never brought it home?

By this time next year my family may have packed me off to a residential home for Santas who can no longer remember where they parked their sleigh.

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