Friday, 19 February 2016

Too old for selfies?

First attempt, with Fiona - not good.

It is important to learn new skills,
Apparently, it keeps the brain active and slows the onset of dementia.
So I am learning to take selfies. 
My grumpy friends say that people who take selfies look ridiculous.
But I think they look jolly.
“Look at me – I’m in front of one of the seven wonders of the world, but all that really matters is getting me and my mate in the frame.  Smiiiile!”
So far, I have taken two selfies with old friends of mine and one with Perran.  I enjoyed best the ones with people my age as we none of us know how to position ourselves for the camera and a lot of cuddling up and uneasy shifting about is involved.  Then we have to remember not to peer worriedly into the lens.  “Cheese.”

Second attempt, with Jen - getting better

Whereas youngsters are merely embarrassed at my parental incompetence.
With Perran - nearly got it -nope - finger over the lens

The only limitation I can see on my valuable new skill is that I shall never be very good at it.
I have short arms and a large face.
My selfies are doomed.

Perhaps forthcoming generations will evolve with longer arms.  And at the end of those long arms they can keep their ultra-mobile thumbs whose dexterity has developed from texting.


  1. Clearly you need a selfie stick 😃
    And those are a whole new set of embarising situations just waiting to happen!


  2. I'd need a very long selfie stick to get you and me in the same pic at the moment, Adri.