Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I have to say it.
I’m IN and so is my family.
IN isn’t perfect, but if you want to change things in our favour, IN is the place to be.
It’s not immigrants that are causing “shortages”, it’s austerity measures following the financial crisis.
I’m with David Cameron, Barack Obama, the Labour leadership, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Captains of Industry, not self-seeking Bullingdon Boris.
I want a future for my children.  And actually, I’m not done yet – I want a future for me.
Exorcise your racism, paranoia and xenophobia.
And if we do end up subsidising poorer European countries, it’s to make a better environment for all of us.  Acting as a larger community is in our own self interest.

Vote IN for the sake of your country – you have far more to gain than to lose.

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