Saturday, 17 February 2018

Making it better with sparrows

At the weekend a terrible accident on the M5 made my drive to my parents in Cornwall take 8 hours.  It is lovely to see my parents, but each time there are new challenges brought on by old age.  I was tired when I got back on Monday night.
I spent Tuesday doing my half term marking.
Then Wednesday my lovely friend Angela came to say goodbye before going with her husband to live in Scotland.
Wednesday night we drove to Northumberland, ready for Nigel’s Dad’s funeral the next day.   We arrived back Thursday night. 
And did I mention? - the twins had spent the week when not at work or funerals, gathering their gear in order to leave home and move into a rented flat at the weekend.
So by Friday, I may very well have been depressed and knackered. 
Actually I was mainly stunned.
But as I say, I might have been in a bad way.
Divining this, Caroline asked me if I’d like to go looking for tree sparrows. 
I had never seen a tree sparrow before.
We set off.
The gravel workings had been expanded, which made it difficult to figure out where we were on our elderly OS map.
But we saw a muntjac, and on the gravel pits shovellers, gadwall and a mass of herons.
Then finally, in a hedge, seven beautiful fluffed-up tree sparrows.
The only thing better than the sparrows was Caroline taking me to see them.
Thank you for a good thing in a bad week, Caroline.

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