Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Free Highlights!

 “So what was it all about?” people ask me – “Why did you attend so many university open days?”

The answer is that we are still reaping the benefits.

Not necessarily in terms of knowledge of the UCAS system, but mainly in free gear.  You can pick up extraordinary amounts of marketing merchandise at these open days.  Bored with the very similar talks on the advantages of a particular university and the details of student finance (however many we listened to, there never did seem to be enough grant/loan money available), we declared a family-wide competition as to who could grab the best free gift. 

Several universities supplied lovely cotton shopping bags, and we added souvenir pens, post-its and rulers.  The item that makes us feel most guilty is a wall calendar where every month of the year is represented by a photo of a university which we have decided is not for us.  There it is – in sunshine, in snow, flanked by apple blossom, depending on the month, but we shall never grace its verdant lawns.

Carenza won with a highlighter shaped like a flower, with five different-coloured nibs.  We love this and fight over it and it means that York will always have a special place in our hearts.