Monday, 14 January 2013

Lead Shot Hazard and an Interview

My main role this year is as the mother of twins, both applying to university through UCAS, but I too have applied via UCAS for a PGCE place to train to teach Classics. 

Since only two universities in the country offer this course, I was chuffed to be invited for tests and interview and prepared hard –not easy as, just before the interview, Pascoe, my eldest son, turned twenty-one and my husband fifty and we had a giant party at our house with a ska punk band (Lead Shot Hazard  – brilliant), amateur fireworks (also a hazard).  Not to mention me making acres of quiche and enough humus to drown a sheep.

I almost succeeded in forgetting about the result over Christmas.  Only when we were driving back from visiting the Northumbrian grandparents, on a wet night, did it occur to me that today was the vital date.  Surreptitiously, I checked my mobile.  An email announced something had changed on UCAS.  I opened the website.  Everything was microscopic on my screen.  Perran asked me why I was swearing. 

I explained.  In no time, Pascoe had fixed up my phone as a mobile wi-fi hotspot and connected a laptop to it. 

“Now, Mum, what’s your ID and password for UCAS?  Mum?  You have got it haven’t you?”

To be continued