Sunday, 13 January 2013

Leave that Darcey Bussell Alone!

Perran is under doctor’s orders not to pick up any girls for a week.  How on earth did this come about?  It’s his wrist.  He’s damaged it by picking up girls.

In contemporary dance performances.

At least now, after a minor procedure, the pain has stopped, allowing him to concentrate on his January exams.  He has also taken a long hard look at his UCAS application and has voluntarily forgone one of his university offers.  It was a matter of timing – by the time that Southampton invited him for an interview for philosophy and maths, he already had three good offers including potential first and second choices.  Southampton was unlikely to improve on those offers and another interview would have meant missing yet more school. 

So, although it felt weird, even reckless, he turned down the interview, meaning he won’t get an offer from Southampton. 

Instead, he’s got his nose to the grindstone revising for his exams.  But right now he’s on his way out the door for a couple of hours of violent exercise as he rehearses for his school’s forthcoming dance spectacular, Velocity.

“Remember not to lift Amy,” I call after him.