Sunday, 20 January 2013

Maths Problems

“A teacher is planning a school trip to the frozen food plant in Grimsby.  There are five classes of thirty pupils and each coach can hold a maximum of fifty-five. The suggested ratio is no fewer than one member of staff to every twenty students.  How many coaches should the teacher hire?”


“Amarjit is 6 years, 11months, Shamin is 7 years 1 month, Rakeem is 6 years 9 months.  Their average reading age is nine months greater than their average actual age.  What is their average reading age?”


“On this scatter graph, the teacher has compared the pupils’ attainment in maths in 2011 with their attainment in media studies in 2012.  What proportion of the class got the same mark in both exams?  Express your answer as a decimal.”


“What are you doing, Mum?”

“Oh, hi, Perran.  I’m doing the online practice for the Teaching Skills Numeracy Test.  You know, I have to pass this before I can do my PGCE.”

“How’s it going?”

“Fine.  Fine.”

But he has leant forward and is scrutinising my score.

“I’ll see if we’ve still got any of those maths workbooks, Mum. The primary school ones.”