Monday, 7 January 2013

So I Haven't Been Quite Honest

So I haven’t been quite honest.  You’d think from this blog that my only connection with UCAS was as the mother of two applicants, but I have actually also been applying myself - for a PGCE training to teach Classics.  I had to apply through the GTTR via UCAS. 

Why didn’t I say so earlier?  

There are only 25 places nationally for Classics PGCE and I’m older than most of the other applicants, so I didn’t expect to get very far with it.

But this is what happened…

I wrote a personal statement, submitted it ten days later than I’d planned.  Next, I got a great reference from a supportive referee, but didn’t spot for another ten days that she had pressed the “Save” button rather than “Submit” (apparently quite a common hitch). 

The great thing about doing all this as an adult is that, in spite of these delays, I had no parent breathing down my neck and chivvying me. 

However, by the time that I heard I had an interview, Perran and Carenza had gone into full role reversal.  They drilled me over dinner on why I wanted to be a teacher.  They inspected my interview outfit – “You have ironed it haven’t you, Mum?” and argued over whether I should drive or take the train.

It was an intensive interview where I had to give a mock lesson, translate a passage of Latin, write an essay on teaching Classics today, and undergo a searching interview. 

When I got home, tired out, and the twins questioned me about it, I suddenly understood the answer that they usually give me:

“It was okay – can I have a cup of tea please?”