Sunday, 6 January 2013

Suspended Animation

School starts tomorrow and the state of suspended animation is over.  No more evenings beside the glowing fire and the twinkling Christmas tree (never did find out who set the lights to “twinkle”, nor how to turn them back to “constant”).  The decorations have been crammed into a bulging box and heaved up to the loft leaving a glittery trail.  The house looks stark and in need of decorating.

Both Perran and Carenza are now hoping that their last few university offers will come in.  Currently they each have three.  Amongst their friends, there’s already evidence that the UCAS system has stirred into life again.  Last Friday, on a long car journey, Perran was picking up tweets and texts from friends who had applied to Cambridge.  There was an even mixture of offers, rejections and further interviews - overall a fantastic result for a state school.  Well done to all of them for being brave enough to try and best of luck to those who will attend “pool” interviews.

Meanwhile, Carenza’s calling me – she’s found a palm tree from the nativity set lying on the sitting room floor.   We’ll have to get the whole box of decorations down and unpack the nativity set again.