Saturday, 26 January 2013

Testing Times

The January exams are over, at least for my two.  Now that they study entirely separate subjects, the experience has been very different for them.  Carenza had one re-take a week ago, Perran four exams over two weeks.  Carenza had to keep a lid on her simmering jubilation when she finished; Perran had to keep his nose to the grindstone.  The atmosphere here has been…interesting.

I check the deadlines  – they should have heard from all the universities by 31st March and they should make sure they’ve replied to offers through UCAS by 8th May, latest.   

Looks like a lull, then. 

I think our last proper lull was The Serene Lull of July 2011, just after GCSEs.

What does one do in a lull?

Hibernation is a real temptation in this weather. 

Actually, there is something, but it’s a fun something.  Perran has never seen one of the universities that he is now favouring.  And his Cornish grandparents need visiting.   At half term, Carenza will be away on a History trip to Berlin (we will thaw her out in the airing cupboard when she returns). 

I think this calls for a mother and son road trip to the West Country.

Grinning, I get out my road atlas.