Tuesday, 15 January 2013

There Could be an Ugly Row

If you lose your UCAS Track ID or password, you can enter your email address and they will be sent to your inbox.  It happens in the twinkling of an eye.  Unless, of course, you’re in a moving car on a wet, dark motorway and relying on a mobile wi-fi hotspot with low bandwidth.  Then, if like me, you really want to see what has changed on your UCAS account, you might want to try for a better signal at a motorway service station.

“Why didn’t you stop, Nigel?”

“Did you want to stop?”

“I just said so - there’s a change on my UCAS account – either an offer or a rejection.”

“Oh – okay, you should have said.”

Twenty miles later services signs appear again.

“Stop, Dad,” shriek the three offspring in the back seat.  They sense that there could be an ugly row, almost as bad as the Great Map-Reading Row of 2009.

In the services, everybody files off to the loo while I request new password etc.  Then I traipse off while it is emailed to me.  Then we all sit in the car staring at the rain on the window while we wait for the slow connection .  I am actually watching a man trying to toilet a disobedient poodle when the children start yelling at me.  The screen has changed.  Conditional offer.  Hooray.