Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Worry Turned my Eyebrows Grey!

My eyebrows are turning grey.   Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, I think “badger”.  It must be the stress of waiting for UCAS offers that is doing it.  Perran and Carenza are each waiting to hear from two of their choices, and in my case, it's a PGCE course.  This morning, I was so distracted that when I gave Carenza a lift to school (I know, I know, but her bag was SO heavy), she started to get out, but I drove off while she still had one foot in the car.  She knows some BAD words.

So my short term strategy with the eyebrows is to pluck out any white hairs, but I can see that long-term this may leave me with a baldy sprinkling of black hairs in all the wrong places.  I might end up looking permanently surprised or puzzled, or just downright peculiar.

So hurry up, Universities, and send us those offers, please.