Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Alternative Open Days

The official university open days tend to die down over the summer, which is a pity since it’s a good time to visit the universities without detracting from your school work. 

However, some of the universities provide walking tours for your mobile phone, or leaflets in pdf or paper, and these can be followed at any time.  If you are travelling round the country for holidays or to visit relatives, take advantage of being near universities which may interest you. 

At the very least, you can get a feeling for the city itself.  However, don’t be seduced by a bright and glitzy city centre – as a student, you will greatly appreciate a town where the cost of living is lower.  Also check out the “student quarter”.  Most first-year accommodation is in halls and is quite similar from one institution to another, but you are likely to be in these halls only for your first year.  For the next two years (or more) you will be living in a rented hovel-er-house with your friends.  In some places, there are well-defined student suburbs, meaning that it’s easy to pop in on friends and the corner shops and pubs are student-friendly.

Speak to the University Accomodation Office before you visit the town and find out where these areas are and what the average rents are.