Friday, 26 July 2013

All Change

When you see movies of World War Two, and there’s a scene in HQ, a feature of the room is always a sort of war-gaming map laid out on the table.  Counters which represent the allied forces are moved around with some sort of croupier’s rod. 

That’s what I’m thinking of doing in our kitchen.

With four of us starting at new universities in the Autumn as widespread as Glasgow and Bristol, I had anticipated that there might be some changes .  However, I had thought that the most likely candidates for a change might be Perran and Carenza who have to score a perfect set of As in their A2s and will receive their results in August.

But yesterday, I received a text from Pascoe “Looks like I’m moving to Edinburgh, not Glasgow.”

The professor who has command of the funding for his PhD has been head-hunted by Edinburgh where a huge amount of funding has now been obtained for synthetic biology.  Her team was always the one he most wanted to work with and it looks as if Edinburgh University has made the same judgement. 

Luckily Pascoe had not yet fallen in love with the wonderful city of Glasgow, and from our point of view, Edinburgh is easier to get to.  We will miss the opportunity of regular visits to Charles Rennie MacKintosh and to our dear friend Charlotte, but once we have made the journey to Edinburgh, it’s not hard to get to Glasgow.

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