Monday, 29 July 2013

Reading List

If you’re destined for a university course in the Autumn, you probably have a reading list.  The only problem is that if you’re waiting to find out your A2 results, you’re not sure yet which institution you’re going to.  However, that’s no excuse – wherever you go you’re likely to be studying the same subject – aren’t you? And you signed up to read that subject because it was something you loved?  So any reading you do around your chosen field will never be wasted.

It all adds up to making a start on the reading list now.  It’ll give you a head start when term begins.  But don’t go buying expensive books if you can help it.

Carenza visited her local library and got four books off her list on interlibrary loan, for a minimal cost.  When she’s read them, she’ll get more.  Pascoe downloaded free to his Kindle some relevant academic papers from PubMed.  Apparently Google Scholar is also good for finding papers.  In preparation for my PGCE, I accessed the library catalogue of my local university to establish which of the education books they possessed, then obtained a free day pass to their reading room and read the books – the pressure to get them read before the library shut for the day was useful.

Happy reading.