Sunday, 7 July 2013


Pascoe in Strasbourg last summer

Before she and Perran left for their beach holiday, Carenza asked,

“Shall I text once a day, then?”

This had been an issue when she travelled to France with just Rosie and then delayed getting in touch.  But this time, she Perran and Rosie are with a large mixed group of long-term friends.  Plenty could still go wrong, but they are resourceful enough to stay safe.

“No,” I said – “I’d like a text when you arrive, one midweek and one to let us know exactly when you’re getting in.”

Perran and Carenza looked relieved. 

Pascoe, however, is travelling in Italy.  He likes to go alone as he makes new friends.  However, when he sees something remarkable and wants to share it, usually he has no companion to hand.  So we have been receiving the most delightful communications:

“You said the Uffizi Gallery was good, but nothing prepared me for this!”

“I could never have believed there was a cathedral like this.”

“Have rubbed the nose of the bronze boar statue.”

We went to Florence once before, when I was pregnant with Pascoe.  We have been enjoying so much seeing the city again through his eyes, doubled with the pleasure that our son has grown up with the sense of wonder needed to appreciate it all.

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