Saturday, 18 April 2015

Wild Woman

One of the drawbacks of being my age is thermostat problems.
I overheat.  
“Is there anything you can do about it?” asked Nigel as yet again I threw the bedclothes off.
(Tetchily) “Well there’s HRT, but I’m not resorting to that yet.”
“Nothing else?”
(Grumpily) “Soya milk can be natural HRT but it gives me wind.  Oh, and there are herbs that are supposed to help – sage and the like.  One person I knew drank a special menopause tea.  If you wanted to be a loving and helpful husband you could investigate that…”
A few days later, a package postmarked Glastonbury arrived.
The contents looked like pot–pourri.  But the label read “Wise Woman Tea”.  What a tactful name.
When we applied hot water, it seemed to contain a great deal of clover – “Are you calling me a cow?”  It tasted wholesome and herby.  But after a few sips I said,
“It’s no good – I still hate men.”
Later that day, Carenza called, “Mum, do you want some of that Angry Woman Tea?”
At bedtime, Perran said, “There you are – I’ve made you a cup of Mad Woman Tea.”

Finally  we have agreed on a mutually acceptable name for the beverage – it has become my Wild Woman Tea.