Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Downsize de-clutter

Downsize de-clutter
As we wait patiently(!)  to exchange contracts with our vendor, we are busy shedding things we don’t want to take with us.
I was about to leave for a weekend walking with my chums when I saw Nigel eyeing a tangle of coathangers on the landing.
His previous coathanger cast aways have resulted in wardrobe mayhem when offspring returned home with their garments, so this time, I thought I’d check on Whatsapp.

Me: We are plotting to have a cull of coathangers.  If you need any spares left in your wardrobes for when you are home, please say how many and what type. x
Carenza: Iwill count my coathangers and let you know in due course.
But I will say this: my coathangers are very dear to me so please choose carefully the ones you cast away.
Perran:Could I have around 15 spares please.  No shit ones if possible.  Thanks.

(Actually, Perran, when I asked what type, I meant “trouser” or “jacket”)

Pascoe:  About three spares would do me.

Me: Wow – coathangers get a quick response.

Then it all got a bit silly.

Perran: The anger
Pascoe: The Fear

Me: The Problem
Perran: The Solution

Nigel: Let the Cull Commence.

Pascoe: That’s the last face those coathangers will ever see.

What will happen when we try to throw out something that actually MATTERS?

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