Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Count Your Chickens

Plans shift like the sands.
“Were we this bad when we were their age?”
Probably not, simply because before the advent of mobile phones, last minute changes tended to result in somebody being left standing on a corner in the rain.
On the positive side, you don’t even hear the term “stood up” so much any more because a person who has changed their mind about a date will often at least text rather than simply not turn up.
It is now so easy to change social arrangements that they swirl and shift like sands sculpted by the tide.
Having three young people in my family, I keep my diary in pencil only.  Who knows when staying in for a family dinner will morph into the youngsters going out clubbing until 3 am.
So when I heard that all three of them would be at home for a whole weekend, I did not count my chickens.  As it got closer to the weekend, those chickens were positively jumping up and down squawking “count me, count me.” Yet still I did not enumerate.
But actually, the weekend arrived and we reached the desired total of three chickens at home with us for one whole day.

It was lovely.

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