Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mediterranean Crumpets

We sold our big family home seven months ago and soon after, we had our offer accepted on a smaller house in the same town.  So far so good.  But then nothing happened. 
The nothing that happened often felt like something.  In fits and starts, our vendors seemed to be about to buy another house, then didn’t.  Thought they might not move at all, but then persisted with the deal. 
But finally, here we are within two days of our move on Thursday.
But there has been a silver lining – I have learnt new skills.
Three or four times now, we have run down our fridge and larder thinking the move was imminent.
So I have invented  cuisine de déménagement.  I think there could be a book in it.  For people undergoing a prolonged removal period like ourselves, possibly even a TV series.
A particular hit was Mediterranean crumpets – feta cheese and cherry tomatoes on a hot crumpet smeared with basil pesto.
Tonight, we shall have red cabbage omelette.
Tomorrow, ris au sauce tomate  avec peut-être
 un saucisse vegetarien.
Mouth watering?

Buy the book.

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