Friday, 22 May 2015

Moving Story

So we are in our new house, and after the long and drawn out parting from our old one, it is amazing how quickly this feels like home.
The main challenge has been to lay hands on all the necessities of life.
I’m sure we brought them with us, so where are they now?
I have mentally been compiling a list of the top items which I was glad to set eyes on again as they emerged from cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Here they are:
the kettle (apparently the foreman of the removal men deliberately hid it so his guys wouldn’t get too distracted by constant rounds of tea and biscuits)
the iron – one hates to present a crumpled fa├žade
that funny little bit of wood with two wheels on it – we nearly threw it out, but now know what it came off
the key to the medicine cabinet – paracetamol is a must for any house move
the remote control for my mechanised tarantula – not an emergency, but lost it months ago and have been missing it
a glass vase – I had thought this was a non-essential item but it seems that kind friends bring flowers on these occasions

But most of all, the prawn sandwich which we bought a week earlier to eat on removal day.  It promptly vanished and I couldn’t really rest easy knowing it was out there somewhere, like a smelly time bomb.  It was in the bucket of cleaning things.  Of course.

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