Saturday, 21 May 2016

Family Motto

Hannah once said, “The Harveys always go too far.”
Probably it was after one of our joint family outings where somebody (usually David) got water thrown over them.  Or maybe Nigel or I had made a joke about s_x.  Maybe one of us had done a little dance in a public place.  Possibly all of the above.
Pascoe, Perran and Carenza felt that it would make an appropriate family motto.
It remained only for me to translate it into Latin.
“semper longius”
semper means always.  But longius can mean either further or too far.
So a stranger will believe we have a wholesome aspirational family motto, “always further”
Only those who are acquainted with us will know the true meaning: “always too far.”

But then, they could probably have guessed that anyway.

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