Saturday, 28 May 2016

Unplanned Garden

We moved to this house a year ago, and the back garden was a recently-turfed green rectangle.  It was without features.
We really needed to plan carefully what we did with it, not just rush in with a shovel.
As a result, we have done nothing.
We attempted to watch the Chelsea Flower Show footage for inspiration, but were overwhelmed with shame and guilt when we saw the achievements of others.
On our patio is a crowd of around 30 plants in pots, cuttings brought from our last garden . 
One by one they are beginning to fall be the wayside – too wet or too dry or too sluggy.
And it matters because so many of our plants are gifts from friends and relations, so our garden will grow layers not just of colour, but also of meaning.
But Nigel has saved the day by rushing in with a shovel.  He has established a holiday camp in a sunny corner of the garden. 
Here our plants will be able to spread their roots and thrive, before we divide them up and move them on once again to new carefully-planned positions.

One day, the technology will be developed that will detect the noises plants make.  And when that happens, it will be able to prove that our now happy flowers are purring.

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