Thursday, 8 September 2016

On Fire

Eversheds were throwing a launch at the Museum of London for the amazing Fire! Fire! exhibition which they have sponsored.
Nigel was invited and asked if he could bring me as a guest.
The stories about the Great Fire of London have always captivated me.
Did Charles II really organise the fire in order to demolish the crowded city?
Was it really fewer than ten people who died?
Thing is, Perran and Carenza are home.  They have been a shortage item in my life for such a long time, it’s hard to pass up on spending time with them.
Just at the moment, a night in can be tremendous fun.
“They’ve got a great range of original documents at the exhibition,” said Nigel, “And crockery and metalwork that got burnt in the actual fire three hundred and fifty years ago.”
So I went.  The reception was generous with drink, canap├ęs and good company.
The exhibition was intriguing – it told the story of the Great Fire clearly and colourfully.
And when we finally got home, we discovered that the children still were not back from their various social engagements.
All in all, a good decision then.

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