Thursday, 15 September 2016


On Monday, received an email from the Blood donation service:

“Dear Clare,
This is a reminder that you have an appointment to give blood again on 15 September 2016.”
On Tuesday I received a text saying,
“Your appointment to donate is in 2 days. If you can’t make it please tell us now so we can offer it to another donor.  Thank you.”
On Thursday, another text.
“Hi.  To help keep you well please remember to drink plenty of water before you come to give blood today. We look forward to seeing you later, Many thanks!”
So, with my bladder creaking like a well-filled hot water bottle, I drove up to the designated church hall.  Last time there had been a problem with parking, so I was not surprised when I saw a woman in day-glo directing traffic.
I wound down my window.
“Sorry,” she said, “It’s been cancelled.  There’s building work going on elsewhere in the church and it’s making the hall too dusty.  Perhaps you’d be kind enough to book another appointment.”
After the long suspenseful build-up I actually felt disappointed.
However, I now had an hour to myself that I hadn’t thought I would get.
I could do anything, go anywhere.
Only thing was, it would have to be somewhere with a loo.

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