Saturday, 20 January 2018

Interesting Device

Living with grown-up offspring is not at all like living with little children.

The other day, I popped into the bathroom and came to a standstill.
There on the side of the bath was…a device.
I did not recognise it, but then, I’ve led a sheltered life.

Could I deduce what it was for?
In shape it was tall and thin with a nozzle at one end and a hand grip at the other.
On the side was the brand name – NiceFeel.
There was a button with settings – Normal, Soft, Pulse.
Gingerly, I put it back down.

How to deal with this?
I decided that I would just leave it where it was. 
The owner would soon spot it and put it away.

Twenty-four hours later, it was still on the side of the bath.
Perran was even in there washing his face as if there was nothing the matter.
I could stand the suspense no longer.
“Perran….what is that thing on the side of the bath?”
“Oh – that’s my oral irrigator – it’s for flossing your teeth but with a high-powered jet of water, instead of  tape …look!”
“Oh.  Okay.”
“I swear by them.  In fact, this is my second one – my first wore out. Here.”
He pulled another similar device from the bathroom cupboard.
“If it’s broken, why have you kept it?”
“Not sure how to recycle it.”
“Well, your Dad’s an expert on recycling waste electrical items.  Why don’t we just leave it for him on his bedside table?”
*             *             *
7pm: Nigel has arrived home and gone upstairs to change.

Startled voice from upstairs:  “For Pete’s sake, what on earth is THIS?”

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