Thursday, 5 June 2014

College Life

Since September, I have been undertaking a PGCE in Classics.  It would be an opportunity for a trip down memory lane and a taste of college life again after so many years.
The quiet of the library, the scent of polish in the corridors and a big cooked dinner in hall.
My children are all getting a crack at the hallowed halls of academia - why shouldn't I?
But it hasn't worked out.  The fact that I elected to live at home meant I had a marathon commute, so I didn't want to hang around in Cambridge at the end of lectures. 
And the location of the Education Faculty, a long way from the centre of town, prevented any casual revisiting of old haunts. 
And soon the course will be over. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had placements in wonderful schools, met literally hundreds of new people and learnt more than I knew my brain could hold. 

But perhaps I’ll allow myself to rent a room in college just for a couple of nights before the term is over, and my second chance at college life completely gone.