Sunday, 8 June 2014

Placement Over

I try not to be superstitious, but as my PGCE placement drew to a close last week, I became increasingly worried that some disaster might stop me from successful completion.
What if I dropped a heavy bundle of textbooks on my toe and shouted out expletives that would shrivel the ears of my tender charges?
What if I contracted one of those sudden and violent stomach bugs and chundered on a Year Seven, (particularly if it was one of the girls with very long curly hair)?
What if, in trying to Google a picture of the goddess Venus for the interactive whiteboard, I accidentally clicked on an unsuitable image and accidentally taught the class something that was definitely not on the syllabus?
And that re-enactment of Odysseus putting out Cyclops’s eye could have gone horribly wrong too.
But none of this happened. 
The placement is completed.
Now I have only two weeks left in faculty before the end of my course.

But what if I get a violent stomach bug and chunder on a lecturer?  What if I drop a pile of library books on a professor’s toe?  What if I….?

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