Saturday, 28 June 2014

Two Down

Carenza, Lila and Hannah just before their prelim. exams
And finally, tonight, Carenza will be with us and our happiness will be complete.  She has finished her first year exams and has apparently been “trashed” afterwards, a process where black and white formal clothing meet with chocolate sauce and “silly string”.  This will present a laundry challenge that any promoter of washing powder might be glad to meet, but possibly a tough call for me. 
Perran and Pascoe both arrived earlier to attend my graduation, and I was much prouder of them than of the diploma in my hand.  Luckily “trashing” was not part of the scene.  They have been with Nigel and me all this week, and as ever, it’s hard to recall that it’s only a temporary state of affairs. 
Perran will soon be off travelling on a shoestring (as an undergraduate must) whereas Pascoe will return to shoulder the responsibilities of his PhD in Edinburgh. 
Carenza will have just a week with us before the boys leave.  Perhaps the only week of the summer where we’ll be a complete family.
I wonder if Carenza’s “trashing” laundry disaster will be coming with her in a plastic bag.

Even if it is, I forgive her – it will be brilliant to have her home.

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